Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Are those the Original Nickelodeon and Justice League shows coming?

Yes, the shows are licensed.

2. Q: In which language will the shows be played?

The shows are the original ones and they are going to be held in English.


3. Q: How long is the show?

Each show is around 30 minutes plus 20 minutes intermission between the two acts.

4. Q: Is it the same show for the 3 days in each city?

Yes, the same show is featured daily, so you can get tickets for your preferred day and time.


5. Q: Can we use the ticket for many shows?

Your ticket is valid for a single entry only; you will not be able to use it before or after the date and time mentioned on your ticket.


6. Q: Does the ticket we buy allow access for the whole family?

One ticket is valid for one person entering the show. The family should get a separate ticket for every child and every adult.

7. Q: Are there discounts for kids?

The show is kids-oriented; everyone should get a separate ticket regardless of the person’s age.


8. Q: Can maids and nannies enter the show?

Maids and nannies also need a ticket to escort a family inside the show.

9. Q: Can I exchange my ticket if I can’t come on the day that I booked for before?

No, but for exceptional situations, please contact our

Call Center on 0502227470


10. Q: If I bought my tickets online, will I need to exchange them somewhere before the show?

If you’ve purchased your tickets online from, simply print them before coming to the show.

11. Q: How much time before the show should we be present?

Before each show there is entertainment in the Exhibition area. Please review your ticket for your allocated start times

12. Q: Can we take pictures with the characters after the show?

Only VIP ticket holders can take pictures with the characters directly after the show in the designated place/booth. Selected characters will be available for meet and greet sessions in the expo area. Make sure to get a coupon to secure your place.

13. Q: Is there any food area?

Yes, there is a food court on the show grounds where you can enjoy food and drink throughout the day.

14. Q: Are there praying rooms?

The show area will be equipped with male and female prayer rooms.

15. Q: Can we buy our ticket during the Show?

Yes, there will be a ticket kiosk inside the Venue during the show time.


16. Q: Does the Ticket kiosk sell all range of ticket prices?

Yes, we have 2 prices of the ticket VIP & Regular; the VIP can take pictures with the characters, benefit from the first rows and there will be granted special gifts.

VIP 350 SAR     Regular 125 SAR

17. Q: Where is the show is going to be held?

            Jeddah City: Jeddah Exhibition Centre

            Riyadh City: Al Nakheel Mall


18. Q: Where can we buy the tickets in Saudi Arabia?

            • Toys R Us

            • Virgin Megastore
            • Jeddah:
                 - Mall Of Arabia

                 - Aziz Mall
                 - Al Salam Mall
                 - Al Yasmin Mall    

            • Riyadh:

                 - Al Nakheel Mall
                 - Tala Mall    

            • Dhahran:

                 - Dhahran Mall