Families, professionals, and important brands will all gather under one roof, embracing each and every aspect of raising a child. That makes it a must-visit event to all, as each one will find their own interest in such a wide set. KIM 2018 is the adequate platform that fits all society’s segments and offers a variety of choices, from education, health, medicine, nutrition, culture, psychology, to hobbies and business opportunities. Everyone will have the opportunity to build B to B and B to C key relationships and enjoy a live international show. This is why KIM 2018 is definitely a must stop-over for all Saudi locals and international expats.
KIM witnesses every year a presence of 30,000 visitors per city in Riyadh and Jeddah, thanks to 3 shows on Friday and Saturday and 2 shows on Thursday. This unique interaction and association feel between different areas of Kids In Motion, be it the theater, the expo, the live entertainment stage, as well as the conferences areas offers visitors an exhaustive experience and opens for them the doors of beneficial communication and durable forecasting and planning.